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House Specialties

 S1. General Tso’s Chicken*
Chicken chunks with tingling hot sauce

 S2. Phoenix & Dragon, Hunan Style*
 Hot marinated shrimp, diced chicken, green pepper, water chestnuts and
 mushrooms, sautéed with ginger, garlic & green onion in chef’s secret spicy
 S3. Scallops and Beef Combination*
 Tender sliced beef and fresh scallops, mixed with green pepper, water
 chestnuts and mushrooms, deliciously seasoned and toss fried in chef’s
 secret spicy sauce
 S4. Lemon Chicken
 Sliced chicken breast dipped in a special batter, deep fried until crunchy and
 glazed with sweet and sour lemon sauce
 S5. Emperor Beef  11.90
 S6. Lake Tung Ting Shrimp*
 Shrimp marinated with snow pea pods, mushrooms and baby corn in brown
 S7. Shrimp with Cashew Nuts  12.90
 S8. Prawns with Beef and Broccoli  12.90
 S9. Scallops with Garlic Sauce*  16.00
 S10. Sliced Beef with Orange Flavor*  12.90
 S11. House Special Chicken  12.00
 S12. Shrimp with Chicken and Broccoli  12.90
 S13. Sesame Chicken  12.00
 S14. Prawns, Jumbo Scallop and Fish Fillet in Crispy Shell
 Shrimp, marinated with snow pea pods, mushrooms, and baby corn in brown
 S15. Tender Boneless Duck
 Sautéed with Chinese vegetables in a rich brown sauce
 S16. Shrimp with Walnuts  16.00
 S17. Chicken with Orange Flavor*  12.00
 S18. Curry Shrimp
 Large shrimp sautéed with vegetables in curry sauce


 Appetizer Platter (Pu Pu Tray) for two
 Egg Roll (2), Fried Won Ton (2), Sautéed Chicken Wings (2), Beef
 Sticks (2), Crab Rangoon (2)
 Pot Stickers (6)  6.00
 Egg Roll (1)  2.20
 Crab Rangoon (6)  5.75
 Fried Won Ton (8)  4.00
 Fried Shrimp (3)  4.50
 Sautéed Chicken Wing (6)  6.50
 Beef Stick (4)  7.00
 Shrimp Spring Roll (2)  5.00


 Sizzling Rice Soup (for 2)
 Chicken broth blended w / shrimp, chicken, vegetables & sizzling
 golden rice crust
 Hot & Sour Soup (for 1)
 Shrimp, pork, bean curd, vegetable & egg flowers in a full bodied
 Won Ton Soup (for 2)
 Our version of the popular Chinese dumpling soup
 Egg Drop Soup (for 1)  2.50
 Bean Curd Soup (for 2) A vegetarian’s delight  5.50
 Three Seafood Soup (for 2)
 Shrimp, sea scallops, crab meat with vegetables in chicken broth


 1. Sautéed Mixed Vegetables Deluxe  8.00
 2. Mushrooms, Bamboo Shoots and Broccoli  8.00
 3. Snow Peas with Water Chestnuts  8.00
 4. Happy Vegetarians
 Buddha’s delight – Northern style
 5. Hot Bean Curd*
 Hot braised Chinese bean curd. Szechuan style (with or
 without meat)
 6. Broccoli in Spicy Garlic Sauce*  8.00
 7. Steamed Seasonal Vegetables  8.00
 8. Sautéed Green Beans  9.90
 9. Sweet & Sour Bean Curd  9.90
 10. House Style Bean Curd  9.90
 11. Fried Tofu with Garlic Sauce  9.90
 12. Sesame Tofu  9.90


 13. Mandarin Beef
 Sliced beef marinated in special garlic sauce and garnished
 w / sliced cabbage
 14. Szechuan Hot Beef*
 Sliced beef and vegetables with Kung Pao sauce
 15. Mongolian Beef
 Sliced beef sautéed with green onions and garnished with
 fried rice sticks
 16. Ming’s Beef
 Tenderloin beef, mushrooms and Chinese vegetables
 17. Green Pepper Beef  11.90
 18. Beef with Broccoli  11.90
 19. Beef with Snow Peas  11.90
 20. Beef with Mixed Vegetables  11.90
 21. Beef with Tomato
 Tender slices beef with fresh tomato in rich sauce


 22. Sweet and Sour Pork
 Fried tenderloin pork sweet & sour sauce
 23. Twice Cooked Pork*
 Thinly sliced roast pork, braised with vegetables and hot
 24. Pork with Szechuan Sauce*
 Shredded pork, vegetables and onions sautéed with hot
 25. Hot Braised Pork*
 Fried pork with hot garlic sauce
 26. Mo Shu Pork
 Fancy flavored eggs with pork, mushrooms, bean sprouts,
 wood ear and scallion served with 4 Chinese pancakes
 27. Pork with Vegetables
 Shredded pork sautéed with seasonal vegetables in brown
 28. Pork with Green Beans


 29. Almond Chicken
 Diced chicken with vegetables and almond nuts in brown delicate sauce
 30. Sweet and Sour Chicken
 Fried chicken with sweet and sour sauce
 31. Garlic Chicken
 Diced chicken, slices of water chestnuts and mushrooms sautéed with garlic
 32. Moo Goo Gai Pan
 Sliced chicken sautéed with fresh snow peas, Chinese vegetables and water

 33. Hot Braised Chicken (Boneless)*
Meaty chicken fried to a golden brown and braised with hot sauce

 34. Curry Chicken
 Tender chicken sautéed with vegetables in curry sauce
 35. Kung Pao Chicken
 Szechuan style, chicken and vegetable cubelets & peanuts sautéed in hot
 36. Snow Peas with Chicken  9.00
 37. Cashew Chicken  9.90
 38. Crispy Duck
 Half golden brown duckling with your favorite taste, served with special sauce
 39. Broccoli Chicken (White Meat)  9.90
 40. Chicken with Vegetables (White Meat)  9.90


 41. Happy Family
 Shrimp, sea scallops, crab meat steak with Chinese vegetables, toss fried with
 chef’s delicious brown sauce
 42. Three Ingredients
 Shrimp, sea scallops, crab meat steak with snow peas, mushrooms, bamboo
 shoots in a light delicate sauce
 43. Shrimp with Lobster Sauce
 Shrimp sautéed with delicate spices and folded into an egg-lobster broth
 44. Sweet and Sour Shrimp
 Fried shrimp with sweet & sour sauce
 45. Shrimp with Snow Peas  13.90
 46. Shrimp with Vegetables  12.90
 47. Princess Prawns*
 Deep fried large prawns blended with our chef’s special hot sauce
 48. Sizzling Rice Shrimp
 Fried shrimp in sweet & sour sauce with sizzling rice cake
 49. Prawn with Hot Spicy Sauce*
 Hot prawns, mushroom, onion, water chestnuts, sautéed with chef’s special hot
 tomato sauce
 50. Sweet and Sour Fish
 Deep fried sea bass steak with green peppers, carrots, pineapple mixed in sweet
 and sour sauce
 51. Hot Braised Fish*  15.00
 52. Mandarin Shrimp
 Shrimp, mushrooms and onion sautéed with chef’s favorite brown sauce
 53. Empress Shrimp
 Lightly fried large shrimp with vegetables in chef’s special sauce
 54. Crispy Shrimp
 With salt, pepper and onion in crisp shell
 55. Green Jade Scallops
 Fresh scallops sautéed with fresh vegetables in rich chicken broth sauce
 56. Shrimp or Scallop Stir Fried with Ginger & Green Onion  16.00
 57. Mongolian Shrimp
 Large shrimp sautéed with onion and garnished with fried rice sticks

Chow Mein (with fried noodles) – Chop Suey (with rice)

 58. Shrimp Chow Mein or Chop Suey  12.90
 59. Beef Chow Mein or Chop Suey  10.00
 60. Chicken Chow Mein or Chop Suey  9.00
 61. Pork Chow Mein or Chop Suey  9.00

Lo Mein (soft noodle)

 62. Shrimp Lo Mein  9.90
 63. Beef Lo Mein  9.90
 64. Chicken Lo Mein  9.00
 65. Pork Lo Mein  9.00

Fried Rice

 66. Shrimp Fried Rice  9.00
 67. Beef Fried Rice  7.50
 68. Chicken Fried Rice  7.50
 69. Pork Fried Rice  7.50
 70. Combination Fried Rice  9.00

Egg Foo Young

 71. Shrimp Egg Foo Young  10.80
 72. Beef Egg Foo Young  10.80
 73. Chicken Egg Foo Young  10.00
 74. Pork Egg Foo Young

Special Diet Dishes
All dishes are steamed and without oil, salt or MSG

 Mixed Vegetable  8.00
 Triple Green Jade (Broccoli, green beans and snow peas)  9.80
 Chicken with Broccoli  10.00
 Shrimp and Chicken with broccoli or mixed vegetable  12.90
 Shrimp with green beans or mixed vegetable  12.90
 Scallop with green beans or mixed vegetable   15.00
* Hot & Spicy – We alter the spice according to your taste.


Iced Tea - 2.00
Hot Tea - 1.00
Soda - 2.00
Beer & Wine Available